Public Health Research

In June 2012, I completed my master of public health degree (MPH) from the University of Washington School of Public Health, one of the nation’s foremost academic centers for public health research and instruction. In addition, I conducted original research as part of a “capstone project.” I studied the effectiveness of Seattle’s emergency preparedness education, who residents trust and what they know about preparedness, and if these efforts are reaching Seattle’s large number of vulnerable residents. My capstone was completed in March 2012.
Also published below are my papers from classes I completed in my program and other public health classes on global health, the built environment and public health, and health impact assessments. I strongly believe that my original work is rigorously researched, well-written, and of public value. These papers incorporate many fields of research beyond public health, and each paper contains a very detailed bibliography that can help fellow researchers or regular citizens learn more about topics of public interest. I also  strongly believe in having research accessible to the public and not behind a for-profit firewall. That remains the primary reason for me publishing this work in the public domain, on my blog. I also have published my thesis from UNC-CH, focussing on environmental racism, groundwater contamination, and a solid waste landfill siting controversy in Wake County, NC (completed July 1993).
Graduate Research (Thesis/Capstone)

Built Environment and Health

Community Health

Environmental Health

Global Health

Health Disparities

Health Communications

Health Management

Health Impact Assessments

Health Monitoring and Evaluation




Population Health

Public Health Preparedness

Special Projects

Survey Instruments


(Published March 10, 2013)

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