About Rudy Owens

Taken August 2017

I have a professional background in journalism (MA from UNC-CH), public affairs (more than 10 years working at the state and international level), and public health (MPH from the University of Washington). I enjoy blogging about global and public health, public and health policy, international affairs, organizational behavior and theory, current affairs, history, and the intersection of these issues with my perspectives gained from years of travel and interdisciplinary work. I strongly believe in interdisciplinary approaches to understanding issues and solving problems.

My web site, www.rudyowens.com, features numerous photo essays on topics ranging from human rights to life in contemporary Greenland. My much longer-running web site, rudyfoto.com, is currently taking and rest and will be re-launched once I finalize the most appropriate business  tie-in and brand.

I have traveled on six continents and to more than 30 countries, and lived six years in Alaska. Up north, in the Great Land, I worked for the Consulate of Canada, Anchorage. My photographs have been published in numerous media outlets and publishing houses, most recently the University of Texas at Dallas. In addition to my web site, I am publishing a photo and video blog (started in March 2014). When I am not working, I can be found running the trails in Portland’s world-class public parks, biking Oregon’s beautiful roadways, or surfing on the Oregon Coast–usually at Seaside.

You can contact me via my web site contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.

(Updated May 16, 2017)


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