Why it’s good to appreciate simple things, like split pea soup

This week, I ate a lot of split green pea soup for dinner. Pea soup on rice, mainly. It’s good food. Simple to cook, likely free from most nasty materials that can be used in processed or industrialized food, and very good for human nutrition. Peas are high in fiber, high in vitamin B, high in protein, and high in key micronutrients. Pea soup also tastes good. And it is cheap.

In general, I like simple things. I am reminded of one of my Facebook posts from last year. I did it after watching the excellent TV series called The Pacific. In that series, I saw an interview with Dr. Sidney Phillips, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps from WWII, who was inspired to his profession by his combat experiences. He is a really wise man. I like what he said about how he saw and savored simple things in light of what happened to him in WWII. “You appreciate a glass of water. You appreciate good food. You appreciate clean sheets.”

I like drinking glasses of clean water. It is a pleasure, always. And I like pea soup on rice too.

Split pea soup, organic brown rice, and redleaf lettuce and red cabbage salad -- very yum-yum.